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International Sourcing and strategic partnerships help us reduce your costs and expand your options. Work with our design team to formulate your needs and reduce your operational costs for your facility and development.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Over 20 years of experience in the industry, on many levels and stages, allows us to formulate a solution for your opportunity, no matter how complex or simple it may be. See what can be realized!

A Word from Our Clients

Jennifer LoGrasso

President, Sweet & Sassy

FDC was invited after our franchise had reoccurring issues with their development arm. Their team beat the price on the table and completed our project two weeks faster than promised by the other guys! That turned into faster cash flow for my new franchise venture, hitting our bottom line with black, not red ink... Thanks FDC!

Julie Chluda

Senior Construction Manager, Gap Inc.

Nate Lawrence has been a great attribute to the Gap, Inc Construction department for several years. His world class professionalism, extensive construction knowledge and undying perseverance have ensured the successful completion of more than 100 projects all across the North American continent. With steady direction and leadership, acute attention to detail and impeccable brand preservation, his participation translates to real world benefits.

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