Our Services

fdc|OXEN has the resources in place to handle all of your needs in the development and operation of your facility, branch, chain or built environment. From conception to realization, large or small, we will be
by your side!


North American reach and thousands of relationships across the continent allow us to mobilize quickly and facilitate your development needs no matter where or when. We understand that time is money and critical to your success. Let our team show you how seamless your expansion plans can become.

Other Services
– Emergency Services
– Project Management
– Strategic Partnerships
– National Facilities Maintenance

Design – A&E

With a diversified background and many years of commercial experience, we are able to assist and create designs to help project your brand to the market place, putting you in front of you competition and energize your bottom line.


Repairs, Project or Monthly
Buildings crumble, finishes fade, filters clog, let’s face it…humans are rough on the built environment. Don’t go down without a fight, you need it, we can get it, install it and provide a plan to keep it going.

About Us

fdc|OXEN is a results driven firm focusing on a philosophy of excellence.
The diversity that our team brings to the project strengthens the process with creativity, quality and sensibility, grounding the results on firm foundations. Let us show you how we can help you realize your dream and provide the vehicle for the development aspect of your business.